The Authentic Nigerian Suya spice seasoning is so delicious and produced in house at our production facility in the northern part of Nigeria where Suya originates, this spice brings authentic flavor to various meats, like beef, chicken, pork, lamb, seafood - shrimp, crab, lobsters & more.

This is for sure the best universal spice, it can be used for almost every kind of meal as it adds a delicious flavor to anything it comes in contact with, perfect for seasoning meats, vegetables, chicken wings, ribs, burgers, or fries! You just can't go wrong with it. It can be used in marinades, sauces, and dressings, as well.

Ingredients: This Seasoning is made using an original, authentic assorted blend of peppers, Black pepper, Tumeric, Cloves, Salt. Hot pepper, kuli kuli (peanut), garlic, onions, ginger, and other Nigerian spices.

PLEASE Suya Spice is peanut-based, therefore it’s not suitable for people with peanut allergies

About VanSuya Foods Corp.

VanSuya is an Authentic Suya Spot in Vancouver, we are inspired by the Nigerian street food style.
VanSuya Yaji Spice (Authentic Suya Spice)

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